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Daily Trip Update For 1998 48/30 Motorcycle Ride
48 State Capitals in 30 Days


The following trip log began as an attempt to keep friends and family current on the progress of Motorcycle Bob, while he endeavored to accomplish his goal of informing the public about the Rotary PolioPlus Program and the need for public support. Bob Mutchler’s wife Patti, was in contact with him via cell phone and would transmit the messages via E-mail. The photos were taken by Bob and various others and later added to an album, but brought to you today, thanks to Dave Boles Marketing .


June 2, 1998

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Sacramento, California

salem.gif (77558 bytes)

Salem, Oregon

Motorcycle Bob left the Sacramento Capital after a brief farewell ceremony. Rotary President Elect John Chapman (Rancho Cordova Rotary) gave an introduction of the event. District Governor Tommy Neuman spoke briefly and introduced Past Rotary International President and current Chairman of the Foundation Trustees, Cliff Dochterman. Chairman Dochterman reminded us of the vision of Rotary and presented Bob with his first Ruby Paul Harris Award. Bob then thanked those who contributed and worked for this PolioPlus awareness event. He mounted his trusty steed (Iron Horse or Road Sofa) and drove through a ribbon cutting. He was ahead of schedule upon entering Salem, Oregon, where a band of fellow Rotarians greeted him at the Capital. On to Olympia, WA to another gathering, a BIG reception. Lodged in a Rotarians home, "castle" as Bob described it, only a block from the Capital, he was wined, dined, hosted, entertained and generally made to feel welcome. The home/castle was a turreted, double bricked structure that was the second home built in Olympia. The front of which was very imposing, and the back overlooking a park, lake and forest.


June 3, 1998

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Boise, Idaho

Bob left Olympia this morning amidst new friend and much ado, for Boise. Flash floods slowed his progress but he was greeted by a stalwart member. Then on towards Helena, with a stop somewhere tonight for some sleep?


June 4,1998


helena.gif (80990 bytes)

Helena, Montana


Today he left Pocatello just after seven a.m. The further north he rode, the colder it got. Montana greeted him with snow, 28 degree F temperatures and headwinds; all the way to Helena. There was no one to meet him at the Capital, so he snagged a brave woman to take his picture, write in his passport and say goodbye to. The headwinds became tailwinds and with rain and snow he made his way to Utah, and faced thunderstorms. He arrived in Salt Lake City and Dave Pollei braved the elements and connected with Bob late in the evening. The morning begins with a press conference at 9 am. Hope this is helpful to all of you in trying to follow Bob’s progress. Manny Cabranes is working hard at keeping the contacts and logistics a happening thing. Thank you everyone.


June 5,1998

denver.gif (79513 bytes)

Denver, Colorado

Motorcycle Bob was delayed in departing Salt Lake City due to the fantastic hospitality extended to him. He was treated to breakfast at the Market Street Grill for the "best breakfast ever" and consumed mass quantities of calories. Dave Pollei (VP of Marketing for ABC) arranged for an interview and photo session with James Brown, a syndicated Internet-TV host. Bob then embarked on another day of SNOW-HAIL-RAIN, 30-60 degrees F and 680 miles. Arriving late in Denver, he circled the Capital and found a Belgian tourist to take a photo. On to Cheyenne where Steve Kline of the Rotary Club of Cheyenne met him with a press interview and a complimentary room at the Hitching Post. They have him scheduled for a 9 am interview with TV, radio, and print media. He’s tired but doing well and getting in the groove. But wait... there’s more... tomorrow.


June 6, 1998

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Bismarck, North Dakota

pierce.gif (81095 bytes)

Pierre, South Dakota

The hospitality in Cheyenne was "incredible". Bob was greeted last night by Steve Kline who brought a CBS affiliate cameraman from Olympia, WA of an interview. This morning began with print and TV media types ready and waiting for Bob at the Capital for photos and interviews. He said they were really up and very inspiring for him. Unfortunately, it put him an hour and a half late departing Cheyenne. Not Good. In attempting to make up time, he had an overheat problem in which he had to backtrack 40 miles. However, there was no one, nada, nothing, as in one solitary person at the Capital in Pierre SD, so he got off the bike and took a picture of it himself. That was okay since it gave him an opportunity to make up some time. He arrived in Bismarck 15 min early, where the Rotary Club fixed him up at the Comfort Inn. The dude is in a SUITE that he says is really NICE. That’s okay since he did another 800 mile day and needs to rest up...


June 7, 1998

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Madison, Wisconsin

This past Friday, Bob called in to Y92 but was unable to coordinate an on air interview at that time. It was rescheduled for Monday am at 8:15, 92.5 in Sacramento. So tune in if you can.

Today was another long one, 730 miles. But at least it was dry and almost close to being warm, 60 degrees. Basically it was cloudy with spots of sun until he arrived in Madison where it had been clear all day.

This morning he met with incoming Bismarck Club President Helen Tracy. Photos were taken and she presented Bob with fresh fruit ready to munch. On the road to St. Paul he developed a coolant leak and stopped to repair it. He also stopped to assist a major injury motorcycle-auto accident and made the 911 call. Unfortunately, there was no one at the Capital in St. Paul, so he did the circle routine and found a cooperative stranger to take a picture and sign his affidavit passport. So far he’s managed to have it signed in all the capitals except one.

In making his way to Madison he became part of a Wisconsin style parking lot- a one hour traffic stoppage. His hosts in Madison, Petie and Ron Rudy, both members of the Madison Club had arranged for media interviews. A reporter from the major local paper interviewed Bob. The TV folks were diverted while in route to cover a problem at the prison. The Rudy’s made Bob feel at home and are "wonderful people". He’ll be leaving by 9 to head for Springfield and places beyond...

It’s really important that he is able to leave on time in order to arrive on time. So far he’s doing really well at keeping to his time schedule.


June 8, 1998

jeffersoncity.gif (83093 bytes)

Jefferson City, Missouri

What fantastic hospitality Motorcycle Bob is receiving. The Rudy’s in Madison took extra unexpected care when this morning it was evident that tires and brakes were a must; now, not later. To the bike shop and then a tour of Madison by Mrs Rudy, who has a talk show, amongst other things. She introduced Bob to the Club President. They visited and then took Bob back to the shop. The Rotary Club of Madison picked up the bill! Bob was dumbfounded. He was an hour and a half late leaving and shortly thereafter drove into torrential rain and headwinds. He managed to only be an hour late into Springfield Ill, where he was greeted by some dedicated Rotarians. On to Jefferson City, Mo. A police officer informed the group waiting for him that "an officer from another county" said Bob was on his way. When he rolled in, there was still a sizeable crowd waiting for him. He was presented with proclamations from the Senate Protem and the Speaker of the House commending his efforts. They will be displayed with the bike at Indianapolis. That almost left him speechless. Larry Neil of Larry’s Honda, his wife and John Simon then took Bob to a German Restaurant where they imbibed. Larry and Katie opened their home and garage to Bob. In the morning the media will meet Bob at Larry’s shop while the sidecar gets realigned in hopes of getting more mileage out of the tires. Many thanks to all of Bob’s new friends, old friends and those he will be making soon. 620 miles.

He believes that he should now be able to keep fairly close to schedule with a + or- of 30 minutes.


June 9, 1998

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Lincoln, Nebraska

Bob and Larry went to Larry’s Honda Shop early this morning to realign the sidecar. A cameraman came and they did some media stuff. Motorcycle Bob left the warm hospitality of new friends in Jefferson City Mo, at 8:30 and encountered hard headwinds which slowed his progress. But at least it wasn’t wet. He arrived in Des Moines, Iowa an hour and a half late. Fortunately, we were able to forewarn folks of the delay. The reception committee went "nuts". The media was there in force (talk radio, newspaper reporters and photographers, and TV cameras. Bob spoke about PolioPlus. Then upon departure, the "paparazzi" followed him out of town for "20 miles". He was overwhelmed and very amused. Don’t go away, there’s more........

On to Lincoln, NE (only 1 hour late) where the mayor presented Bob with a key to the city and a Certificate of Citizenship. The day’s not over yet. On to Topeka, Kansas. On time, but too late for the Club’s special meeting and auction. Club President Hal Hudson escorted Bob to his home and made him welcome. This was a long day, 795 miles, but at least there was no snow or freezing temps.

Bob wants to tell everyone many thanks for the kind words of encouragement, the awesome hospitality and the common thread of hope for the future that Rotary shows every day.

I would like to thank all who have called to extend their assistance and friendship. I consider myself to be very fortunate to know and meet so many wonderful people.


June 10,1998

topeka.gif (70799 bytes)

Topeka, Kansas

okcity.gif (79300 bytes)

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

And the adventure continues..............

Before leaving Topeka, Motorcycle Bob replaced a fuel filter on the bike. Hal Hudson arranged some media coverage and Bob spoke on the main talk radio show. Bob also called in to Y92 and chatted with Paul and Phil for "10 minutes". Many photos were taken at the Capital and the a wave goodbye and it was on the road again, with more hard head winds.

From one extreme to another. Heading into Oklahoma City the temperature kept climbing until it was 106 degrees. He inquired as to how to reach the Capital and of course was given incorrect directions which put him into a one way maze around the building. He could see where he needed to be, so he cheated and cut across the Capital Grounds to end the insanity.

10 miles east of Oklahoma City the wind & rain combination sent trucks and cars to the side of the road. With no place to take cover, he kept going, and drenched himself and the cell phone for a good 100 miles. Communications were a minimum today. In Ft. Smith, AR he managed to warm up and started to dry out.

Upon arriving in Little Rock, AR, David and Evelyn Menz guided him to their home. The day’s wear and tear was soothed with a "cool, refreshing" one or .............

Again another long day. (800 miles got boring, so how about 730).

We look forward to seeing folks at Indianapolis. So far as I know, we will be at the Paul Harris Luncheon on Sunday, and the bike will be on display Monday. Bob has to hit the trail again on Tues morning very early. That’s all for today, Wed June10.


June 11, 1998

littlerock.gif (84628 bytes)

Little Rock, Arkansas

Bob spent the night in Little Rock at the 5 acre "estate" of David and Evelyn Menz overlooking the Arkansas River. They’re both avid bikers and have traveled South America and New Zealand amongst other places. Alongside the Arkansas River a local TV station did an in depth interview with Motorcycle Bob. He spoke about PolioPlus and Rotary. Lots of photos were taken. What a beautiful location.

On to Nashville. However, construction halted progress for an hour. But that was okay because the weather was crystal clear. (I wonder what that looks like?)

Even though Bob was early, yes early, arriving into Nashville, Suzanne Buchanan and fellow Rotarians were waiting for him at the Capital. The difficulty was convincing the authorities he was supposed to be there. Name dropping can be ever so convenient. More cameras and in-depth TV interviews.

Onward to Frankfort, Kentucky. It’s a good thing Bob wasn’t pushing the limits too far as there were two Sheriff’s officers waiting for him at the county line.... Just like the movies, with sirens and flashing lights, they escorted Bob (at high speed) into the City and to the Capital. Upon arrival the Frankfort Club "was out in force". The mayor officially proclaimed that June 11 was "Bob Mutchler Day". Television news covered the event and there’ll be MORE AT 11 (if your in Kentucky). Dean Sorg offered his Heating and Air Conditioning Business facilities to house Bob’s Motorcycle while the Frankfort Club housed Bob in the nearby Holiday Inn.

This was a slow day of 650 miles. That’s okay, there’s a lot more to come.

Many thanks to Dean and Frankfort Rotarians for all their efforts. I am honored to have had the opportunity to talk with you.


June 12, 1998

kentucky.gif (91173 bytes)

Kentucky - Gov. Patton

After a good night’s sleep thanks to the Frankfort Rotary Club, Bob participated in a 30 minute cable TV interview with Bill Miller, formerly of the World Health Organization.

Governor Paul Patton presided over a very prestigious ceremony bestowing Bob the title of Honorary Kentucky Colonel. Bob took the Gov for a ride around the Capital on the motorcycle, without helmets.

The rest of the day was spent cleaning and prepping the bike. This evening brought 80 mph winds, 3" sized hail stones, rain and tornados all around the area. The forecast is for this "storm" to subside in the wee hours. Bob plans to leave very early (6am) so he can make Lansing Mi by 3p.m.

Heartfelt thanks to the Frankfort Club for accommodating the last minute change in extending Bob’s stay. Hospitality and generosity abound in this country.


June 13, 1998

indy.gif (71912 bytes)


Motorcycle Bob left the fantastic folks of Frankfort,  Ky at 6:30a.m. A brief detour into Indianapolis  to confirm arrangements. At 10 am he headed on out to Lansing, Mi. Upon final approach to the Capital he noticed television crews. He watched them and they watched him. They filmed his arrival, a 10 min interview and then his departure.

Back to Indianapolis for dinner at McDonalds and 8 hours of sleep. The weather had been cool and breezy, but nice. 850 miles.


June 14, 1998

indy2.gif (80234 bytes)

Indianapolis - Bob Mutchler, Jim Lacey, Cliff Dochterman

Bob picked me up at the airport and rain forced me into the sidecar. (I don’t like it- no brakes or steering). After dropping my things at the hotel, we took the bike to the Convention Center and put it on display, along with various recognitions given during his trip. At noon, we attended the Paul Harris Luncheon and were honored to sit with Cliff and Mary Elena Dochterman and his other guests. Cliff introduced Bob to the assemblage and expounded on the 48-30 effort. He also spoke about the accomplishments of the Foundation during the year and how it is the Paul Harris Fellows and Sustaining Members who make it all possible. To conclude the meeting, "Let There Be Peace" was the chosen song and Cliff chose Bob to play it. It is probably one of a handful of songs that he had never heard before, but he has now.

The afternoon was spent talking with Rotarians about PolioPlus, photo taking with folks, including RI President Elect Jim Lacy on the bike, Cliff Dochterman, Tom and Marjorie Campton, and many others.

Bob also taped an interview with Randy Wheeler of Dist 6580 for three radio stations in Indiana and the AP wire services.

We attended the Opening Ceremonies. Up With People were the primary entertainment before and during the ceremony. President Kinross’ speech was brief, upbeat and positive. The flag ceremony was fast-paced, colorful, and well choreographed. I was fading so we left early, just in time for a downpour. The bike was safe and dry inside the Convention Center though.


June 15,1998

doch.gif (81425 bytes)

Bob Mutchler & Cliff Dochterman

Bob took the bike off display for a press conference at the Capital. He ended up going the wrong way on a one way street to get there (customizing the vehicle code again). A local radio station interviewed him. Then, he and Cliff Dochterman took a ride around downtown creating quite a stir with the Rotarians that were out and about. Bob brought the bike back to the display and then spent most of the pm visiting with new found friends, using the talents of John Chapman to help with the PolioPlus Bumper Sticker sales and make connections for the remainder of the trip.

Dinner was with friends from home. (Dave and Barbara Harris, John Chapman, Chuck McBride, JoAnn and Steve Lemmon, Tom and Marjorie Campton.)


June 16, 1998

877 miles, 370 in blinding, driving rain.

Bob left Indianapolis at 6 am and proceeded to Columbus Ohio, on time. He was greeted by Rotarians and print media. Then on to Charleston W. Va. He was on time but the Capital police would not let him on the grounds. The gate guard signed his passport and sadly Bob headed out into the miserable rainy weather and on to Annapolis. In Annapolis Brian Quick was his host and fortunately Bob was there earlier (9:30) than originally anticipated (11:00).


June 17, 1998

dover.gif (80936 bytes)

Dover, Delaware

At the State House in Annapolis were print and TV reporters. Then on to Washington DC where Bob managed to greet Rotarians and media in front of the Capital Bldg. The police kindly let Bob stay to finish his interviews. (Apparently, it is very unusual that they allow anyone to do this without special dispensation). The Washington Post was there for an hour and their photographer took rolls of film. (I received three phone calls from the Post asking for background information.) The roads finally took their toll on the motorcycle and some mounting hardware for the sidecar gave up. Bob stopped at Tilghman Island and picked up some marine hardware to repair it.

A nice group of folks were waiting for Bob when he arrived in Dover, De. Both TV and print media did interviews. And then it was back in the saddle with Trenton NJ as the next stop.

Pouring rain greeted him, but Charlotte and Bob Lande made up for the weather with their hospitality. They stuffed him with good food. He played their piano. How wonderful to see such kindness given to a weary traveler.


June 18,1998

hartford.gif (86870 bytes)

Hartford, CT

Mileage was 450 and Motorcycle Bob was able to keep to his itinerary despite the continuous downpours and traffic congestion.

This morning in Trenton NJ was on of those special times. At 8:15 he was Live on Talk Radio and then a newspaper interview at 9:00. He spoke with Representatives from the Legislature and received a Citation fro the NJ Legislature. (A good guy award.) They also pledged to support the Rotary PolioPlus Program.

On to Hartford CT, "the most beautiful Capital I’ve seen yet". Unfortunately, no one was there. Bob did get pictures though.

providence.gif (76019 bytes)

Providence, Rhode Island

In Providence, RI he was met by Jim Williamson and other Rotarians. The Club presented Bob with their "good Guy Award". He visited with them for a bit and then made his way towards Boston.

boston.gif (89088 bytes)

Boston, MA

It was a "nightmare" going in and out of Boston. 3 hours worth of bumper to bumper. He found a good Samaritan to take a picture of him. A diligent effort at any rate.

Onward to Concord NH where Tom and Nancy Morse and Club Presidents from two of Concord’s Clubs met Bob. Tom and Nancy were folks we met in Glasgow at the Paul Harris Luncheon. It was nice of them to meet Bob. Charlie and Peter (the two Presidents) took Bob out to dinner and Bob enjoyed the "full stomach" feeling again. They guided Bob to the Hampton Inn, for some much needed rest as it had been 8:30 when he arrived.

Many thanks to all who have put forth effort on Bob’s behalf. It is hopefully beneficial to you too. The opportunity in inform the public about Rotary and it’s good deeds doesn’t happen all that often.

Bob is about 2/3 through his itinerary and is still running pretty much on time. He’s tired but determined.

concord.gif (66599 bytes)

Concord, NH

June 19- Bob departed Concord NH and new friends, and headed for the North-eastern part of our great land. It was foggy and damp until he reached Augusta ME where the sun made its way through. Sheriff patrol officer Lee Harvey escorted Bob to the Augusta Hotel. Bill McKenna and Augusta Rotarians greeted Bob, along with reporters and photographers. Bob spoke about why he was doing this trek. "They’re very nice, incredible people." They loaded Bob with an Augusta Rotarian clock (I think he was on time though), banner, mug, cookies, buttons, pins and I’m not sure of what else. But mostly they shared the desire to end polio.

montp.gif (69883 bytes)

Montpelier, Vermont

Bob made the mistake of asking for directions and took "the scenic tour" to Montpelier. Along the way was a very bad truck accident that happened just ahead of Bob. He stopped to help pull the truck driver out of the cab and assist with 911 calls and first aid. That put him late into Montpelier, and he missed connections there. We are very sorry about that. He took photos and got someone to sign to passport. He left there at 6 pm

Now Mother Nature did not want Bob to be spoiled by the sun, or get sunburned or warm and dry, so by now it was pouring rain again. The way it’s going he’ll probably take it with him the rest of the trip.

At the New York State line three Rotarian bikers joined Bob and in pouring rain they rode 100 miles together to the Capital at Nelson Rockefeller Center in Albany. There was a "huge, huge, cheering contingent of Rotarians". Television crews taped it all, and later showed his arrival in its entirety. Motorcycle Bob was honored with a Mayoral, Senate and Legislature Proclamations. The Club gave him a 3-D photo of Albany signed by the members, t-shirts, "stuff and $1000.00 to go to PolioPlus. (I’m wordless)

To cap the night off Bob was taken to Lombardi’s for dinner by his hosts for the night. Mileage for the day 720, 100 of which was unplanned "scenic" driving.

What a day!!!!!!!!!!!! Here are the stats for the moment. As of Albany NY:

38 capitals 720+450+350+877+850+650+730+795+620+730+800+680+800+800+720= total miles (10,300 +/-)

Have an excellent day.


June 20, 1998

harris.gif (75456 bytes)

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Bob informed me that he was mistaken about his mileage yesterday. It was 680, but we’ll forgive him since he made up for it today- well over 800.

Steve and June McGuire, Motorcycle Bob’s hosts in Albany, fed him a filling breakfast and then bought him a tank of gas. Bob said they are "great, great people". It sounds as though the Albany Club is a great club with a lot of wonderful Rotarians.

Bob did leave and made his way to Harrisburg, where Gary Froseth, club banner in hand, met up with Bob outside the Hilton Hotel. Directions were given and Bob was early to the Capital. So Bob was the reception committee for the Harrisburg crowd. (Harrisburg Club Pres Karen Paris, her husband, her Argentinean exchange student, PDG Pete Strategos, Gary Froseth, and a surprise- Bob’s Aunt Kathy and Uncle Wayne Mutchler from Bloomsburg. Bob was interviewed by the WHTM-TV27 videographer. It appeared on the 6pm news. He then went to the Honda dealer for a tire change. After an assertive discussion and 40min Bob was on his way again and headed for Richmond.

richmond.gif (84340 bytes)

Richmond, Virginia

He strayed from his computer route to avoid construction delays. He got into Richmond and to his surprise were acquaintances from Sacramento! Pictures were taken and Bob was back on his horse.

Life gets interesting again. This time his run in with the law was for directions. Again, another "scenic tour" down a highway with a bridge out, creating another 100 miles of extra fuel consumption and mega frustration. However, Motorcycle Bob soon had something else to keep his attention. He and a bird met. Bob1, bird 0. The bird exploded upon impact with Bob’s foot-feathers everywhere and a sore foot. Guess we could say Bob was not real thrilled about now, except that Ron and Martha Garber were still waiting for him, and so was their guest room with bed..........

He was very, very tired; the worst so far. He did say in a happy voice, that he had only ten more capitals to go.

I know Bob is very grateful for all the hospitality he’s received. Sometimes after a day like today, two faces with a smile mean the world.

June 21-Additional to yesterday: It was dry, no rain!!!!!!!! Also, Bob’s Aunt Kathy who surprised him in Harrisburg also brought a cupcake with candle to celebrate his upcoming birthday. The crowd of 35 sang Happy Birthday and the TV folks taped it.

And now for today-

Motorcycle Bob left Raleigh at 8:30 after thanking his hosts and especially their daughter who spoiled Bob with strawberries and attention.

In Columbia SC Bob was on time and was greeted by TV and print media.

He headed out for Atlanta and arrived there for an interview with a TV reporter.

Then, south toward Tallahassee. Somewhere along the way, the auxiliary electronics quit. Hopefully it will be something simple like a fuse? He’ll try to check it out in the daylight.

He called it a day in Dotham, Al 114 miles from Tallahassee. He has traveled 12,300 miles so far and 650+ today. The weather was hot with no rain.

The response to my earlier E-mail is very encouraging and I’m certain the rest of the trip will be dynamite....especially with all of you and your support.


June 22, 1998

talla.gif (89824 bytes)

Tallahassee, Florida

Bob had stayed the night at a motel in Dothan, Al. He left there and headed for Tallahassee. He arrived there exactly on time in spite of the fact that the aux electronics had quit the day before. (The power for the sidecar leveling, cell phone charger, and aux fuel tank pump was out. He then had to man handle the sidecar more than normal.) At the Capital grounds the police opened the gates and allowed Bob to drive up to the steps. They even gave him a shoulder patch. The DG and a group of Rotarians met Bob, along with TV and newspaper media. He was able to talk about PolioPlus and meet some fine folks.

The nearest motorcycle shop was a Yamaha dealer. The shop did an oil change and two mechanics and Bob spent an hour an a half realigning the sidecar, fixing the electrical problem and tightening the loose hardware holding the sidecar to the bike. Apparently the rough roads of the days before jarred everything loose.

montgom.gif (77940 bytes)

Montgomery, Alabama

Back in the saddle, Motorcycle bob galloped on to Montgomery AL, and Southern Hospitality. Upon arrival, he was greeted by a large group. He was escorted to the Governor's  parking lot; the Governor's private elevator up to his office. Bob was then presented with a proclamation. This was filmed for TV and newspaper folks did interviews. Back downstairs, another TV station aired live a reenactment of his arrival, an interview, and Bob’s departure. This was aired direct to syndicated affiliates. The people of America must be hearing about Rotary.

Back on the road the motorcycle was running great again even in the 100+ heat and mega humidity. The delay was offset by the time change so Bob wasn’t but 26 min late getting in Jackson, Ms. Mr. Judson Allred met Bob and escorted him to the night’s lodging.

Well, home is in sight. The day added 550 miles to the tally and only a few more opportunities left to get the word out. Many thanks to Bill McKenna for the help in contacting people. We appreciate all the assistance we have received everywhere.


June 23, 1998

baton.gif (64571 bytes)

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Bob’s host, Judson Allred met Bob and took him to Shoney’s for breakfast in Jackson. When the manager found out about Bob’s trip, breakfast was on the house. Just another example of the kindnesses offered along the way. They went into town to a local broadcasting company where Bob did three live broadcast interviews in succession. Three different stations.

Back on the Iron Horse with a stop in Hammond to meet up with some print media.

Baton Rouge was the next Capital and he found a willing gal to take his photo and sign his book. (address and phone #???).

Houston traffic slowed his progress, even the bypass was nasty. But the bike kept cooking right along and Bob pulled into Austin right on time. His hosts, Virgil (PDG) and Frances Waggoner treated Bob to their home overlooking the city of Austin. Then to really spoil him she fixed a whirlpool bath with Epsom salts. He slept.

The day’s ride added up another 650 miles, raising the total to over 14,500.


June 24, 1998

austin.gif (75675 bytes)

Austin, Texas

Today was a day for "records".

In Austin, Motorcycle Bob met with Texas Gov George W. Bush and the interview was recorded by the Capital Photographer. He then was interviewed by the Fox TV station. He was presented with a Senate Proclamation and a Texas Flag that was flown over the Capital with documentation.

He mounted his trusty steed and rode, and rode, and rode.......1,030 miles worth.

There were a couple of near misses with automobiles to take away the monotony of riding. One driver was so busy talking on his cell phone he drifted on into Bob’s lane. Bob had an up close and personal visit with the guard rail........ The next encounter was with a vehicle trying to imitate a Romulan spaceship with cloaking device, or maybe a "stealth" type aircraft. (Someone forgot to turn on his lights).

bush.gif (73609 bytes)

Bob Mutchler & Gov. Bush

Otherwise the Motorcycle Maniac spent his day drinking Gatorade and writing songs. He arrived in Santa Fe 30 min late, but the fine Rotarians in Santa Fe waited up for him and he is staying with Pat and Bob Murray, who are taking good care of Bob.

I mentioned records earlier. First there was the mileage, remember 1,030?

Now picture this: Since at least Florida, Bob has spent most of the time driving in over 100 degree heat (+ humidity). Today was spent mostly in temps over 100 and closer 114.... (he has a thermometer, this bike has everything). However, as he neared Santa Fe the temperature kept dropping, and dropping and dropping, until it was reminiscent of Idaho? Montana? Would you believe he was back in 40 degrees? 114 to 40. Burrrrrrrrr.

Tomorrow holds many interesting potentials. Till then.


June 25, 1998

santa.gif (82028 bytes)

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Motorcycle Bob lived the "Life of Riley" today (or maybe the life of the rich and famous).

He slept until 8 am and then awakened to the decadent flavors and aromas of  coffee in a Starbuck’s Mug. Once rejuvenated, our stalwart traveler was treated to a tour of the "City Different". Santa Fe is a city of culture, unique architecture and super hospitality. Then, Bob encountered his first Rotary Meeting for a long, long, long time. (Does this trip count as a bunch of make-ups???????) He parked his trusty steed in the Front Entrance of the Hilton. The Club made the grave mistake of letting Bob address the Club regarding his trip and WHY he’s doing it. They passed the hat for PolioPlus and came away with $271.00. Alright, yes, SANTA FE!!!!

The speaker for the meeting was John Denko (sp) who is their current Chief of Police and friend of our own Former CHP Commissioner Maury Hannigan.

All of this fun had to come to a pause. Business was in order at the local newspaper. After a very in depth interview with numerous photos, Bob and his host Bob went and gassed up the Bike, got Beer, went back to the hacienda and drank Beer. Then, in "Riley" style, Motorcycle Bob took a nap (without hammock). The pleasures of "visiting" on a Santa Fe evening and steaks to imbibe, frosted with fantastic hospitality, made the perfect night cap for a wonderful day.

Mileage for the day: 10.


June 26, 1998

phoenix.gif (73019 bytes)

Phoenix, Arizona

With body and soul replenished, Bob departed Santa Fe and spent most of the day becoming sunburned, under a very hot sun. Other than that it was Bob, his machine and 550 miles of the road.

Motorcycle Bob rolled into Phoenix where a big reception was waiting for him. At the Anchor Memorial from the Arizona, in Capital Park, Rotary flags and banners waving, Governor Jane Hull presented Bob with a Proclamation. What an honor.

Bob’s Aunt Lois and Uncle Stan were there to see him also. His Aunt Lois had been living in Brownsville when Bob contracted polio.

PDG Ron Roderique of District 5490, hosted a BBQ for Bob and Friends. Aunt Lois brought pecan pies. Everyone enjoyed themselves and a relaxing evening.

This has been a very exciting and monumental effort. Many fine people have worked very hard, even Bob, to make this happen. This has been a group effort that became a nationwide cause that many more people have taken to their hearts and worked very hard to make happen. How can "thank you" say what we feel? But we do thank all of you, for your efforts and your support for Bob, but more importantly for POLIOPLUS.


June 27, 1998

The adventures of Motorcycle Bob are rapidly drawing to a close. He and Gil, an Arizona Rotarian/Motorcyclist, met up with Aunt Lois and Uncle Stan for breakfast at the Cracker Barrel. Satiated with biscuits and gravy, a terrific visit with family and a strong desire to reach the end, Bob and Gil headed out.

Bob and Gil kept each other company until Las Vegas. Carson City was still hundreds of miles away but getting a lot closer. At Fallon, with only 60 miles to go, our guy was counting down. He rolled into Carson City and the Hardman House Hotel at about 9 pm wearing 730 miles of road grit. Bill Van Pattin and The Rotary Clubs of Carson City arranged for us to stay at the Hardman. I rode up on my bike to meet Bob.


June 28, 1998

This morning we rode over to the Capital with its silver copula and charming iron work fencing and lovely gardens. There were 20 some Rotarians and two TV stations and print media. Bob spoke about the purpose of his trip, PolioPlus, the friendships made and a few of the "interesting" situations that occurred. There were many questions.

We were treated to breakfast at the Heidi’s Restaurant. It was great food and great company.

This has been a remarkable venture by a very unique individual who doesn’t take no for an answer, and who will find a way to accomplish his goals.

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Bob & Patti Mutchler


DONATIONS to either PolioPlus or to support Motorcycle Bob's rides can be made through Motorcyclists for Awareness of Children's HealthClick here for a donation form.  If you would like to be a sponsor or join Motorcycle Bob on a ride, contact Bob at bob@polioplusride.org

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