Centennial Ride Journal


For the past 12 months Motorcycle Bob and Motorcycle Patti (Mrs. Motorcycle Bob), along with several other Rotarians,  have been planning the Centennial Rides.  The three parts of the Centennial Rides each have a journal.  Click in the links below to view the journals.  The journal will be updated every several days.   Bob will be phoning and emailing Patti with journal information.  After writing the journal entries, Patti will email them to webmaster Jon who will post them. 


DG = District Governor
DGE = District Governor Elect
DGN = District Governor Nominee
PDG = Past District Governor
PETS = Presidents' Elect Training
PE = President Elect
PP = Past President


Hawaii Centennial Ride March 13 - 26
CHP Centennial Ride April 4 - 7
US - Canada Centennial Ride Week 1 April 24 - 30
Week 2  May 1 - 7
Week 3  May  8 - 14
Week 4  May 15 - 21
Week 5  May  22 - 28
Week 6 May 29 - June 4
Week 7 June 5 - June 11
Week 8 June 12 - June 18
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DONATIONS to either PolioPlus or to support Motorcycle Bob's rides can be made through Motorcyclists for Awareness of Children's HealthClick here for a donation form.  If you would like to be a sponsor or join Motorcycle Bob on a ride, contact Bob at bob@polioplusride.org

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