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  Bob is  riding again.  This time he will visit all 48 State Capitols, and 9 Canadian Provencal Capitols.  The Centennial Ride will celebrate the Centennial of Rotary International, and the final push to eradicate Polio from the face of the earth.

Join Bob on his ride.  Ride with Bob for half a day, a day, or however long you wish. And if you do not have a motorcycle, then  follow in your car.  For information about joining in on the ride email Bob at bob@polioplusride.org

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Bob is riding  the Iron Butt for PolioPlus


NOTE: This ride schedule will be adjusted from time to time.


1 27-Apr-05   Sacramento, CA  9:00a.m. Reno, NV  11:30a.m. Carson City, NV  1:30p.m. Hawthorne, NV 5:00p.m.  
2 28-Apr-05   Hawthorne, NV  8:00a.m. Tonopah, NV  10:00a.m. Las Vegas, NV  3:00p.m. Stop to be determined  
3 29-Apr-05   Phoenix, AZ  9:00a.m. Flagstaff, AZ  12:00 p.m. Gallup, NM  3:30p.m. Albuquerque, NM  6:30p.m.  
4 30-Apr-05   Albuquerque, NM  8:00a.m. Santa Fe, NM  9:00a.m. Amarillo, TX  2:00p.m. Oklahoma City, OK  6:30p.m.
5 1-May-05   Oklahoma City, OK  9:00a.m. Austin, TX  2:20 p.m. Dallas, TX  6:30p.m.    
6 2-May-05   Dallas, TX  8:00a.m. Little Rock, AR  12:30p.m. Memphis, TN  3:30p.m. Jackson, MI  7:30p.m.  
7 3-May-05   Jackson, MS  8:00a.m. Baton Rouge, LA  10:30a.m. New Orleans, LA  1:00p.m.    
8 4-May-05   New Orleans, LA  9:00a.m. Mobile, AL  11:00a.m. Tallahassee, FL  3:30p.m.    
9 5-May-05   Tallahassee, FL  8:00a.m. Montgomery, AL  12:00p.m. Atlanta, GA  2:30p.m.    
10 6-May-05   Atlanta, GA  8:00a.m. Augusta, GA  1:30p.m. Columbia, SC  2:30p.m.    
11 7-May-05   Columbia, SC 8:00a.m. Raleigh, NC  1:00p.m. Richmond, VA  4:30p.m.    
12 8-May-05   Richmond, VA 8:00a.m. Washington, DC 1:00p.m.      
13 9-May-05   Washington, DC Service Bikes Annapolis, MD  5:00p.m.    
14 10-May-05   Annapolis, MD 8:00a.m. Harrisburg, PA  10:00a.m. Philadelphia, PA  1:30p.m. Trenton, NJ  3:00p.m. Dover, DE  5:00p.m.
15 11-May-05   Dover, DE  9:00a.m. Albany, NY  1:30p.m.      
16 12-May-05   Albany, NY  8:00a.m. Hartford, CT  1:00p.m. Providence, RI  3:30p.m. Boston, MA  6:00p.m.  
17 13-May-05   Boston, MA 8:00a.m. Concord, NH  9:00a.m. Montpelier, VT  11:30a.m. Augusta, ME  4:30p.m.  
18 14-May-05   Augusta, ME Service bikes      
19 15-May-05   NOTE: Due to the cancellation of the Ferry to Nova Scotia, and other circumstances beyond   
20 16-May-05   Bob's control the ride schedule is being adjusted    
21 17-May-05            
22 18-May-05            
23 19-May-05            
24 20-May-05            
25 21-May-05   Lansing, MI  2:00p.m. Indianapolis, IN  6:30p.m.      
26 22-May-05   Indianapolis, IN Service bikes, a.m. Columbus, OH  5:00p.m.    
27 23-May-05   Columbus, OH  8:00a.m. Charleston, WV  2:30p.m. Frankfort, KY  6:30p.m.    
28 24-May-05   Frankfort, KY  2:00p.m. Nashville, TN  5:00p.m.      
29 25-May-05   Nashville, TN  8:00a.m. Springfield, IL  1:30p.m. Jefferson City, MO  6:00p.m.    
30 26-May-05   Jefferson City, MO  9:00a.m. Topeka, KS  2:00p.m. Des Moines, IA  6:30p.m.    
31 27-May-05   Des Moines, IA  8:00a.m. Lincoln, NE  12:00p.m. Denver, CO  7:30p.m.    
32 28-May-05   Denver, CO  9:00a.m. Cheyenne, WY  10:30a.m. Salt Lake City, UT  6:30p.m.    
33 29-May-05    Salt Lake City,  UT 9:00a.m. Helena, MT  3:30p.m.      


  Helena, MT 9:00a.m. Boise, ID  4:30p.m.      
35 31-May-05   Boise, ID  8:00a.m. Salem, OR  2:30p.m. Olympia, WA  6:00p.m.    
36 1-Jun-05   Olympia, WA  9:00a.m. Seattle, WA  10:00a.m. Orcas Island, WA  5:00p.m.    
37 2-Jun-05   Leave Orcas Island, WA a.m. Victoria, BC 12:00p.m.      
38 3-Jun-05   Victoria, BC 12:00 Service bikes a.m. Duncan, BC  5:00p.m.    
39 4-Jun-05   Duncan, BC Dist 5120 Conference        
40 5-Jun-05   Duncan, BC Dist 5120 Conference Ferry to Vancouver, p.m. Stop to be determined    
41 6-Jun-05   Stop to be determined Calgary, AB 6:00pm      
42 7-Jun-05   Calgary, AB  noon Edmonton, AB 3:00p.m.      
43 8-Jun-05   Edmonton, AB  8:00a.m. Regina, SK  5:00p.m.      
44 9-Jun-05   Regina, SK  9:00a.m. Winnipeg, MB 3:30p.m.      
45 10-Jun-05   Winnipeg, MB  9:00a.m. Bismarck, ND 4:00p.m.      
46 11-Jun-05   Bismarck, ND  10:00a.m. Pierre, SD  2:00p.m.      
47 12-Jun-05   Pierre, SD  8:00a.m. Minneapolis, MN  3:00p.m.      
48 13-Jun-05   Minneapolis, MN  8:00a.m. Madison, WI 12:00pm      
49 14-Jun-05   Madison, WI 10:00a.m. .Davenport, IA, 8:00pm  
50     District Conference, District 6000    
51 17-Jun-05   Davenport, IA 3:00pm Chicago, IL Rotary Centennial Convention 6:00pm  

NOTE: This ride schedule will be adjusted from time to time.  


DONATIONS to either PolioPlus or to support Motorcycle Bob's rides can be made through Motorcyclists for Awareness of Children's HealthClick here for a donation form.  If you would like to be a sponsor or join Motorcycle Bob on a ride, contact Bob at bob@polioplusride.org

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